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Sealed Performance Batteries

Sealed Performance Batteries is an Australian-owned company with over 25 years of experience in the battery industry and has branches in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. With foundations built on the Automotive industry, they now provide a diverse range of products and brands for automotive, industrial, commercial, solar and recreational applications across a broad range of technologies including SLA and multiple lithium chemistries. These solutions are sought by retailers, private organisations and government departments across Australia.

SPB believes that to remain at the forefront of their industry it is important to continue to innovate where ever possible to obtain the best outcomes for the business, its customers and suppliers. One of these areas is to emphasise and limit their impact on the environment through any means possible to create a more sustainable future. They achieve this by closing the recycling loop and responsibly importing, distributing, and disposing of batteries through channels and partners that also implement strategies that work towards a more sustainable environment.

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