Battery Stewardship Documents

National Public Sector Fleet Managers Conference 2023

28-29 November 2023, Moonee Valley Racing Club, Melbourne

Battery Stewardship Council CEO Libby Chaplin will be presenting at the upcoming National Fleet Managers conference in Melbourne on Wednesday 29 November.

The Conference covers industry trends, public sector fleet management policy, the future of fleet management and capacity building to the demands of the seismic transition that is occurring across fleet management.

This year the NPSFMC focuses on the many factors that will influence fleets as we transition to Net Zero. Importantly, the Conference will draw heavily on the presentation of a diverse range of case studies:

  • Transition to EVs
  • Alternative fuel technologies
  • EV commercial and heavy vehicles
  • Geo-political influences on fleet management
  • Risk management related to cyber attacks and the grey fleet
  • Implications of the National Electric Vehicle Strategy
  • Connected fleets
  • Charging networks
  • Vehicle safety
  • The greening of fleets – both EV and ICE

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