About the Battery Stewardship Council

The Battery Stewardship Council was established with the primary goal of establishing a Battery Stewardship Scheme in Australia that would see a significant increase in battery collections and recycling.

Battery Stewardship

Stewardship refers to responsible management of a product, such as batteries from design through to its end of life. For batteries, it is helpful to look at the entire supply chain and consider how this might apply depending on who is taking part in the process.

In February 2018, an industry briefing was held primarily for those who would be liable parities to a battery stewardship scheme. The briefing included presentations on key drivers for establishing a scheme, an update from the Department of Environment and Energy, and presented the results of the scheme.

As a result of discussions at the industry briefing, it was agreed that two pathways be further scoped:

Inclusion of loose batteries in the scope of the National Televisions and Computer Recycling Scheme using either the current four ‘Arrangements’ or a battery specific Arrangement able to take a more tailored approach to scope and performance measures, and
Establishment of a new voluntary scheme authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Given this increased momentum and the need for both government and industry to work together during the design phase of the schemes, the Industry Working Group decided that a new Battery Stewardship Council (BSC) be established.

To find out more about where this work has check out our Journey page.

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